eBay: One of the World’s Most Intriguing Marketplaces


How I Got Started Online: My New Selling Experience

I started selling old vintage costume jewelry on eBay in late 2004 after having sold numerous other objects that had been “lying around the house”. I was fascinated with eBay and how someone could attract buyers from all over the world.

My first attempt at selling vintage costume jewelry, however, was an expensive lesson.

Instead of creating an eBay store from which to sell, I created my own website in the early part of 2004. I opened an e-commerce site with only 100 vintage jewelry items.

In order to drive Internet traffic to the site, I opened a Google account and created ads for people to see when they used the Google search engine. BIG mistake.

I was spending $200 a week with Google AdWords!

I quickly learned that just because people click a link and look through (only) 100 items, a buyer does not them make! Money was fast disappearing through my fingers.

My only excitement came when one day a representative came to my site from Epcot Center in Disney World. They bought $1,000 worth of jewelry for their displays. I thought, “WOW, this is great”. But short-lived that high feeling was.

Reality set in. What to do?

I knew someone who was selling on eBay with an eBay store. I rationalized that since eBay already had plenty on Internet traffic, I could capitalize on that traffic by having a store with eBay instead of selling from my own.

“Pay eBay a commission, instead of paying Google” was my conclusion.

Thus “Orphaned Items Store” was born and it’s been going strong ever since!

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